Buyer Home Inspection
Benefits of a Buyer Inspection

We offer a complete home inspection tailored to a home buyer. Our inspection services meet or exceed the state of NC standards of practice and are designed to give a prospective buyer peace of mind. We evaluate all visible major aspects of the home to allow the buyer to be confident in their decision to purchase a home.

  • Know what you are buying

    • All major visible and accessible aspects of the home are inspected.​

  • You will receive a full report outlining the parts of your prospective home that need attention.

  • Bargaining power

    • You will have a full report which can be used to negotiate with the seller on repair costs and allowances.

Pre-Sale Inspection

This inspection service is tailored specifically to the seller of the house. All visible and accessible parts of the home will be inspected to meet or exceed the state of NC standards. This inspection is tailored specifically to the sellers needs. 

Benefits of a Pre-Sale Inspection
  • Find problems before you are under contract

    • This gives you time to make repairs on your own terms, keeping you from spending more money on rushed repairs.​

  • Increase the marketability of your home. A pre-inspected home will give a buyer the peace of mind they need to make an offer.

Well Water Testing

Many wells in North Carolina have high levels of lead, arsenic, iron, manganese, low pH, and harmful bacteria. We offer a test for E coli, as well as a full comprehensive test. 

Radon Testing

Radon exists in all parts of NC, but is more prominent in the Piedmont area. Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. It is the cause of 21,000 deaths every year in the US.